pH Balance 8.0 Pure Body Institute Presents: pH Balance 8.0 - People who take this formula discovered that their pH.. Product #: 5060194210130 based on 0 reviews Regular price: $46.95 $46.95

pH Balance 8.0

Price: $46.95  $17.95

pH Balance 8.0 was originally design to be an anti-inflammatory heart and lung herb formula. The people who took this formula discovered that their pH went from an acidic state to an alkaline one within 2 hours.

L-Taurine, Cinnamon, Hawthorn Berry, Safflower, Fritillaria Bulb, Pleurisy Root, Wasabi Japonica, Magnesium, Potassium, Dioscorea, Wild Cherry, Allium Cepa, Barberry Root, Bilberry Fruit, L-carnatine, Turmeric Root, L-arginine, Wood Betony

90 tablets

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