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Liver Balance Plus 240

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Restoring optimum liver function is one of the most important and vital actions people can take to improve their health. The liver is the largest organ in the body and carries a greater workload than all other organs. The liver works full time both converting the food that one eats into substances vital for life and neutralizing and destroying toxic matter. If you have tried many ways to improve their health and energy level and nothing has seemed to adequately help, it is very possible that an overworked liver underlies their difficulties. The natural course of life can cause the liver to get stressed, overworked and exhausted. Toxic chemicals, preservatives, poor diet, cigarettes, alcohol and prescription drugs all cause the liver to deteriorate, drain its energy and make it hard or even impossible for it to perform its functions. This can create a “state of emergency” within the body that debilitates and damages other organs, leading to numerous chronic conditions.

As the detoxifying center of the body, the liver has a daily workload of neutralizing toxins such as pesticides, caffeine, alcohol, medications, chemicals, preservatives, auto exhaust and cigarettes. The liver helps remove these materials by breaking them down, enabling us to survive the enormous toxic challenges in today’s environment.

Ultimately, one’s health can only be as good as the health of his liver. A poorly functioning liver will affect all other organs. Weight gain and depression are two manifestations of a congested, overworked liver. Other common symptoms and conditions include being on edge (easily stressed), emotional roller coaster, elevated cholesterol, skin conditions, skin irritation, sleep difficulties, fat indigestion, kidney damage, heart damage, brain damage, hypothyroidism, chronic fatigue, poor memory, PMS, mental fog, blood sugar disorders, allergies and obesity. When the liver gets congested and toxic, it will remain that way and get worse until it is detoxified and rejuvenated.

Liver Rejuvenator is a breakthrough product—the most powerful liver formula available today. Made from a unique combination of the finest Chinese herbs and the best of Western herbs, Liver Rejuvenator detoxifies as well as rebuilds the liver. No other formula can renew liver health as effectively, rapidly and gently as Liver Rejuvenator. This product sets a new standard for efficiency and results. The liver has everything to do with a person’s energy level. If you want high energy, great stamina and overall good health, be sure to keep you liver in excellent shape. Not detoxifying the liver is like never changing the oil filter in one’s car! A healthy liver can mean much more energy, greater mental clarity, better mood, improved health, protection against countless ailments, and finding relief for conditions that may have been plaguing you for years.

Here are just some of the benefits Liver Rejuvenator users report:

  • 93% reduced stress
  • 92% higher energy
  • 89% mood elevation
  • 89% feeling calmer and more relaxed
  • 85% reduced or no headaches
  • 83% less muscle or joint pain
  • 82% eye or vision improvement
  • 80% relief from skin irritation
  • 76% enhanced mental clarity
  • 74% less congested (sinus and chest)
  • 50% improved overall health, improved skin conditions such as age spots, improved repair of liver dysfunction, relief from constipation, improved gallbladder function, faster healing and stronger immune system.

Available in bottles of 240 tablets (Approximately a 2 month supply)

Liver Balance Plus 240 is exactly the same formula as Peter Gillham’s Liver Rejuvenator. When they decided to discontinue the product, we obtained the formula and had it formulated in the same facilities they used. The bottle we carry is twice the size of the original Liver Rejuvenator.

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