• What are the sources of the ingredients that make up MAG365?

• You use a capsule made from “pullulan” for your PrizMAG line. What is pullulan and why do you use it?

• Unlike other companies, why do you choose not to use fillers in your products?

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• Vegan

• Gluten-Free

• Allergen-free

• No Preservatives

• No Additives

• No Gelatin or Plastics

• No Added Sugar or Chemical Sweeteners

• No Colours

• Halal and Kosher

• Eco-Conscious Packaging

What are the ingredient sources that make up MAG365?

We source citric acid from non-GMO sugar beets from Belgium. The magnesium carbonate we use in MAG365 is obtained from seawater. Once manufactured, each batch of MAG365 is screened for heavy metals and arsenic content to ensure the highest level of purity.

Flavored versions of MAG365 use passion fruit extract and an extract from a fruit called Buddha's hand, which has a natural lemon flavour. Steviol glycoside, which is derived from the leaf of the stevia plant, is used to sweeten all our products.

You use a capsule made from “pullulan” for your PrizMAG line. What is pullulan and why do you use it?

Pullulan is a vegan, water-soluble capsule made from fermented tapioca. Pullulan capsules are toxin-free and tick all the boxes that healthy-lifestyle customers want in a product—they are organic, starch-free, gluten-free, preservative-free, plant-based, earth-friendly and non-GMO. Pullulan capsules meet the dietary needs and cultural requirements of various consumer segments as they have Generally Regarded as Safe (GRAS) status, Halal and Kosher certification. Pullulan is also approved by the Vegetarian Society. We prefer it to a hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (HPMC) capsule, which is a propylene glycol ether of methylcellulose — essentially a plastic. 

“Vegetable cellulose” is another inexpensive popular vegetarian, plant-fibre based capsule used in the supplement industry. We preferred Pullulan capsules over cellulose, because a rigorous manufacturing process is required to synthetically alter the cellulose into a hard capsule (known as Hypromellose or HPMC). This process produces toxic by-products, making the cellulose capsules far less ‘natural’ than what we are comfortable with.

Unlike other companies, why do you choose not to use fillers in your products?

Many supplement companies use fillers because they ease the manufacturing process. Using a proprietary cutting-edge technology, we have found a way to avoid this. We avoid using fillers as health is our end goal. Certain fillers have been linked to allergies, poor nutrient absorption and worse. See “No Additives” for more information.


A vegan diet benefits your health and the planet as well. Our products are vegan and are NOT tested on animals.


Magnesium is naturally gluten-free. As an added precaution, we manufacture our products in a facility that is extra careful to ensure that our products are not contaminated with even a trace of gluten.


Our products are free from most common allergens—dairy, yeast, soy and shellfish. When you consume our magnesium supplements, you can be sure that your body is getting a pure and natural product.

No Preservatives

We believe in bringing you products that are natural and free of preservatives. During the manufacturing process, we monitor the pH level and humidity of our products to ensure that they stay fresh from beginning to end, and that rigour eliminates the need of adding preservatives.

No Additives

Many supplement brands rely on additives and fillers to make the manufacturing process easier. The fillers range from relatively harmless to downright questionable. For example, though Rice bran is generally considered safe, it may have high levels of arsenic and other heavy metal toxins. Magnesium stearate is often used as a lubricant (it allows machinery to run smoother and faster) and is not a source of magnesium. Recently, some studies found it to be linked to the suppression of T-cells and poor absorption of nutrients by the body.

In PrizMAG, we aim to give our customers nothing but pure, high quality supplements. This does mean higher production costs, but we would rather absorb these costs than pass them on to consumers.

No Gelatin or Plastics

PrizMAG, our highly absorbable magnesium diglycines supplement, needs to be housed in a capsule. We were not convinced about the options available—Gelatin is ‘Safe’ but is not vegan; Hydroxypropylmethyl cellulose (HPMC) is vegan but is a form of plastic. Finally, we discovered pullulan, a starch-free, vegan alternative made from tapioca that is naturally fermented.

No Added Sugar or Chemical Sweeteners

The perils of sugar are widely known, but lesser known is the fact that alternative sweeteners derived from chemical compounds are as bad. We sweeten our products with steviol glycocides (stevia), a plant-based zero-calorie sweetener that does not spike your insulin levels. In fact, according to some studies stevia promotes healthy weight, strengthens bones, regulates blood pressure and promotes oral health.

No Colours

Colours may be attractive, but dye and food colouring has no place in a health supplement!

Halal and Kosher

 All MAG365 products are certified Halal. All our non-flavoured products are Kosher.

Eco-Conscious Packaging

It may not seem obvious at first glance, but plastic is not always the villain that the media makes it out to be. Our decision to use HDPE is based on thorough research. Check out our eco-conscious FAQ for some good information on why we have chosen to use HDPE Plastic for our products.

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