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Calcium Supplement

A liquid solution to optimal bone health.

OsteoCalm calcium magnesium supplement optimal bone health

OsteoCalm calcium magnesium supplement is designed to combat the effects of osteoporosis and other calcium magnesium deficiencies. The OsteoCalm calcium product is more convenient than our Calm Plus Calcium Supplement which requires hot water to activate. Made with GloCal® calcium supplement and Natural Calm® magnesium supplement, plus vitamins: Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, Vitamin K2, Vitamin B6 and Folic acid and other minerals in ionic form: zinc, copper, manganese, potassium, boron, as well as certified organic stevia, certified organic agave.

Why create OsteoCalm? What is wrong with our Calm Plus Calcium Supplement? Nothing. In fact it is a great product used by many people including many athletes. Dr Pascal trains Olympic athletes and puts them on Calm plus Calcium supplement to help prevent muscle cramps, while still supplying his athletes with a magnesium supplement and a calcium supplement. He brought over 50 athletes to the Olympics and came home with 20 medals and no muscle cramps. When he was in Eugene OR for the Olympic Trials, he treated 40 of his athletes. He was concerned about heat and muscle cramping, so he was using a magnesium supplement preventatively. None of his athletes had muscle cramps- before, during or after their races. Not so with the other teams. See the Organic Connections Jan-Feb 2009 issue for the full interview with him. He loves our Calm plus Calcium product along with our Liquid Organic Life Vitamins. Why change the formula as it is so effective for athletes and many others who want to supplement calcium but are still looking for higher levels of magnesium. It is also a very cost effective product.

Even though we already have a superior and cost effective calcium product, we consulted Carol Dean, author of the book “the Magnesium Miracle" what she thought was a superior bone-health formula. With her guidance and our research, our new formula, OsteoCalm was put together. We wanted to use the best quality ingredients we could. The calcium supplement we used was from a manufacturer that, in our opinion has the best calcium product. This form of calcium has a 33% absorbability as compared to other forms that are only .5% absorbable. It has a neutral PH, which is great as it doesn't change the effective pH of the Natural Calm Magnesium supplement that it is partnered with. It is highly soluble - 50% in solubility testing compared to 5% of other types. When dealing with liquids, solubility and absorbability are key factors. GloCal® (Calcium lactate glutamate) delivers. We went with the best.

We wanted to give a very high quality alternative to drugs like this for individuals who need to increase their bone health. We also knew it had to taste good too for many people to take it. Currently we have one flavor of OsteoCalm at this time – orange vanilla - which tastes somewhat like a vanilla creams sickle without tasting like candy. So far, the reaction to the product has been instant and people love it, 100%.

Please note Osteo Calm has been discontinued.

OsteoCalm calcium magnesium supplement optimal bone health

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